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Recieved; Bird table
June 11, 2007

Recieved with thanks, i have only propped it up aginst the fence until
i can ‘plant’ it in the ground and i have seen several birds on it so i
have left some seed and it is in use already!!
Thanks. Keep Freecycling.


Offer: Various in South Ascot
June 8, 2007

Okay, this is the one and only chance to get these, otherwise they’re
in the bin!

1. Large bundle of New Zealand flax leaves (it ran rampant, so dad
dug it up, but the Maoris use it for weaving, so it might be of
interest to anyone who’s into natural weaving & dying).

[huge list of stuff edited out]

You’re welcome to all of this stuff if you want it, but please let me
know when you mean to collect, as sitting in the house all day
waiting for someone who then doesn’t turn up isn’t a huge amount of
fun! 🙂 Okay, I suppose I could read a book or something whilst I
wait, but don’t you just hate getting to the good bit when the
doorbell rings…? Times available – 11am-11pm.

Wanted: please 2 piece leather suite (bourne end) can travel
May 31, 2007

Hi there.

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but you don’t know if you don’t
ask do you?
So i though i would ask Has anyone got a 2 piece leather suite,
comprising of a 2 seater and a 3 seater in good condition. The colour
can be any shade of brown, black or cream.
I have noticed on other sites that people are selling them because of a
colour change to their room, so the suite no longer goes. However these
suites are well out of my price range.

I would be so grateful to anyone whom would be able to offer me the
type of suite that i am looking for
I am willing to travel, and have the means to pick them up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, i will now cross my fingers

Ice x

WANTED: Hand Axe – Maidenhead
May 22, 2007

I am trying to remove a tree stump in my garden. Having nearly broken my fork in the initial attempt, it now stands in a hole where the working conditions are somthing like the Somme circa 1916 without the bullets…and it still won’t budge and inch!!

What appeared to be a simple job has turned out to be the source of much sweat and bad language and I now need an hand axe to finish the job. I’m happy to consider anything that will chop the roots off this stump.

OFFERED :African Land Snails
May 19, 2007

My friend’s son bought 5 of these big snails, and now they have had about 250 babies!!! These are about the size of a small fingernail at the moment, but will grow to be huge!

They need a very large container to live in, with bark at the bottom, and live off egetables, etc., and need the normal care you would give any creature hich is dependant on you for it’s survival.

An interesting mollusc to share your home with! If you contact me initially, I will send you my friends phone no, as she is not yet an active Freecycler.

Swimming Nappies (BD10)
May 18, 2007

I have an unopened packet of Huggies Little Swimmers. They’ve got The
Little Mermaid design on them. They’re for 16-26lbs / 7-12kg.

I also have an opened packet of Boots’ own brand swimming nappies. The
packet contains 8 nappies in total (5 with an orange design and 3 with
a blue). Similar size to the above, 15-28lbs / 7-13kg.

My daughter has outgrown this size; I didn’t take her swimming as
often as I imagined I would!

OFFERED: 2x 200ml Bottles of Calamine Lotion (new)
May 16, 2007

2x 200ml Bottles of CALAMINE LOTION.
Stocked up for recent chickenpox in our house. Unused.

May 12, 2007

Selection of large and medium size rocks, suitable for building a
rockery. At least enough for one decent size rockery, possibly more
(there’s still more of them for me to dig out!).

Also assorted medium/small items of rubble, good for either filling a
hole or (in some cases) adding “features” to a rockery e.g. individual
old tiles.

You’ll need to collect (and be reasonably strong!).

Wanted – A metal framed glass green house, Finchampstead, Berkshire
May 12, 2007

Myself and my partner started growing veg for the first time this year
and we purchased some plastic green houses from Argos to help with the
task – However due to the past couple of windy, rainy days, the
plastic green houses are no more! – rather like most of our
germinating veg!! We have tried to rescue the majority of our plants,
however we now have nowhere to store them other than our house!


offer: cd player windsor
May 12, 2007

3 disc cd player and 2 cassete player (all in 1) slight damage which is-
only has 1 speaker
hard to find signal for stereo
volume not very good
1 button missing on 1 of the cassete players
your more than welcome to take it if you think you can fix it!
if not taken by monday its going!

May 12, 2007


OFFERED: Football themed eternal calendar
May 12, 2007

Unwanted gift, sadly, basically it’s a minature goal with two balls which make up the date and a block which does the month. Whilst hubby likes football he isn’t keen on football memorabilia (or tat as he calls it). You’d have thought his parents might have known that but there you go. Too heavy to post really although will if you really want.

wanted-mens ‘drag queen shoes’!
May 12, 2007

This is a v long shot!!my hubbys been volunteered to be a glamourous
assistant at a presentation eve tonight&needs something to wear on his
feet,size 10/11!has anyone got anything remotely suitable,we could

Offer: Rexel V40 shredder. WINDSOR
May 10, 2007

Was working well last time I used it but it’s taking up too much space
and I now have a fireplae to burn all my old documents! Must collect on
Thursay as I need the space.

offered all different items take a look
May 9, 2007

haveing a mega clear out
1. 4 disney side/sandwich plates minnie, mickey, pluto and goofy and
a plain white plate
2. a disney childs glass of aladdin
3. a mouse trap (for catching live mice)
4. 2 red candles
5. 2 white candles

6. a large serving dinner fork
7. 2 clear glues un opened
8.a silver my first curl tinket needs a clean
9. a bottle of un opened vampire blood
10.5 different bottle of different hair coloured spray will wash out
when hair shampooed 2 white, 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 orange.
11. a clear butter dish with a lid

OFFERED – VDU – Maidenhead
May 2, 2007

… I’m not technical, and it’s my dad’s so I’ve
just copied down as much info as I could from the manual!

Visual Display Unit only

Gateway 2000 Vivitron 700-069
17 inch
Size (WxHxD) 425 x 435 x460mm
1280 dots max horizontal
1024 lines max vertical
Display area (WxH) 327 x 241mm

Complete with manual.