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Sure, I can watch telly that goes off now and then
March 27, 2008

Watson FA7029 Colour CRT TV with fast-text and remote control.

After it has been on for quite a while, the TV suffers some intermittent pops and crackles. This is sometimes accompanied by momentary loss of the picture.
If you are happy to live with this or known something about tinkering with TV’s then it’s yours for diddly squat.


OFFER: box of paints
November 14, 2007

about 20 miniture bottles, some appear to be still liquid.

Some people never clear out their cars
October 21, 2007

Offered Breadmaker BD22 (Haworth) This is a Prima Home Bakery which worked fine BUT the baking bowl section lost it’s non-stick quality and eventually got lost after sitting in the car for months (popped in there so I could check if it was the right one if I saw spares for sale. Of course I never got round to sorting it). I imagine you can source a new one from somewhere, or perhaps the main part of yours has gone kaput and you have that bit. Either way get in touch if it’s any use.

Just refuse it
October 18, 2007

Offered. Fuse Wire Not sure if wire fuses still used but have some fuse wire of no use to

Size doesn’t matter anyway, so long as it’s got a decent picture…
October 16, 2007

Hi, Can anyone find a home for a tv (not flatscreen) that needs a
little tlc? I’m offering this on behalf of a family member so apologies
if info is limited! We couldn’t find a tape measure so we were debating
size, at least 20″, I thought bigger, it’s certainly big enough for a
lounge tv. Comes with remote & also has teletext, downside is picture
keeps going off & we have no technical expertise!

OFFERED Click-clack double sofa bed without cushions/mattress. Nice
October 6, 2007

2metres long. In pale beechwood (?) Not the pull out type so if it is against the wall you need to pull it away from the wall to open but does not take up much more room when open (unlike the pullout ones) . Unfortunately I accidentally gave the futon mattress/cushions away, forgetting that it was associated with the bed which was being used with a conventional mattress. I also have misplaced the bolts and the click clack bits . Let me know if you are interested and I will find them.

Otherwise I will convert into a garden bench.

So, basically, this is now just some vaguely associated lengths of wood

Offered – unopened tube of Rembrandt plus toothpaste – Datchet
June 15, 2007

This has never been opened but has an expiry date of 0107 but I
wouldn’t have thought it would matter with toothpaste.

Oral B Rembrandt plus extra whitening formula with low abrasion.

Collection Datchet.

Offered – Digital camera (not working) Maidenhead
June 11, 2007

Olympus Digital Camera, not currently working.
3.2 megapixels, 3x zoom
16MB xD memory card
Leather carry case
All cables and instruction booklets.

Collect from Maidenhead, evenings only

FFERED; childs bob the builder slippers size 10 /
June 9, 2007

i have a pair of bob the bulider slippers size 10 by
ladybird. hardly worn and now grown out of. flashing lights only work
on one of the slippers but apart from that they are as good as new.
if anyone would like them, please email.

Offer – bits of copper bed warmer – Datchet
May 19, 2007

I have the copper pan and lid of a bed warmer. Needs a new handle and
hinge, but would be a project for someone.

Collection Datchet

OFFERED: Odds n sods – Holyport, Maidenhead
May 16, 2007

(9) Candlewax – end bits of candles (dont laugh, I bet theres someone
who wants this to make into new candles!) 2 bits of sparkly dark blue/
silver, other bits white

OFFERED – Tefal human weighing scales, only half working
May 16, 2007

The good news is that the display (lbs and kilos) works on these Tefal electronic scales, but I appear to weight zero when I stand on them. It is therefore mistaken by an amount I am not prepared to reveal online. These need some electronics whizz to figure out why standing on them doesn’t register.