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Can an ugly doll be ‘dogly’
February 14, 2008

OFFERED: crying doll large ugly face

please come and take this away, large doll with crying sound and 
moveable ugly face.


It’ll all end in bloodshed, I just know it
October 17, 2007

Can any one help? My poor budgie is being harrassed by my 9 week old

Will pick up….

I suppose it helps if you know the item requested is a budgie cage stand, but that would be far too sensible!

Offer – green hexagonal poison bottle – Datchet
July 22, 2007

Green bottle hexagonal in shape “NOT TO BE TAKEN” on side.

Collection Datchet

Wanted: burnt-out bulbs (pear-shaped) Windsor
July 20, 2007

Hello everyone

I am doing an art-project on recycling and for this project I need some
spent bulbs.
The only Must is that they have to be the regular pear-shaped bulbs.
Other things don’t matter. I will take bayonette and srew-caps bulbs,
clear, frosted, coloured or mirrored ones.

thanks a lot!

Offer- paper mache 4 foot diameter pie – Datchet
July 3, 2007

I made this to go on a carnival float. Approx 4 foot diameter pie with
striped pie dish and pastry top. Has a blackbird popping out of the
pie as the float was “Sing a song of sixpence”.

Any use to a nursery, theatre group or anyone else.

Can send picture if interested.

OFFER: Cushions (Bracknell)
May 22, 2007

1 square dinosaur cushion
3 orange scatter cushions in shape of cats head

WANTED: Inert Gas Bottle and Regulator for MIG Welding
May 16, 2007

I’m tired of buying stupid little gas bottles from Halfords.

RE-OFFERED: 10 Bras 36 D\DD and 34 E
May 12, 2007

SAE did not show up re-offering them.

OFFERED: Cath Kidston towel (holey!)
May 12, 2007

this towel (ping rosebud pattern) has developed a couple of holes, maybe someone with a dog would like it?!

It’s not huge, not a bath towel – medium sized.

offered dog bits
May 9, 2007

1. cologne and deodorant for pets full bottle only had about 1 or 2
sprays out of this
2. a box of sweet breat tables only 5 used my dog would not eat them

Must have been a pretty smelly dog! 

Offer: about 35 ‘Real’ magazines, Bangor
May 4, 2007

Dated from Oct ’04 to Oct ’06
Some have a page or two missing

Wanted : Self contained water feature in Bracknell
May 2, 2007

Wanted : Self contained water feature in Bracknell