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It gets lonely on the water
October 22, 2007

WANTED Kayak/Canoe I am looking for a kayak/canoe. Must be able to fit my 6ft 5″ husband!
I need some company on the water!


This one’s just plain sh*te
October 17, 2007

wanted; horse manure any quantities

OFFERED Click-clack double sofa bed without cushions/mattress. Nice
October 6, 2007

2metres long. In pale beechwood (?) Not the pull out type so if it is against the wall you need to pull it away from the wall to open but does not take up much more room when open (unlike the pullout ones) . Unfortunately I accidentally gave the futon mattress/cushions away, forgetting that it was associated with the bed which was being used with a conventional mattress. I also have misplaced the bolts and the click clack bits . Let me know if you are interested and I will find them.

Otherwise I will convert into a garden bench.

So, basically, this is now just some vaguely associated lengths of wood

Taken: ornamental chicken – Maidenhead
June 19, 2007

Gone to a funkier home.

Car Touch-up Paint Fiat Capri Blue
May 26, 2007

It’s the darkish blue. Only used to touch up a tiny scatch.

[Wanted] small dog cage
May 24, 2007

Hi, My Little Dog Has Uninspectingly Gave Bith, and Im Need Of A Cage
To Keep Her In Because The cat Is Worrying The Mum Dog

Offered-Wide Bicycle saddle
May 23, 2007

Extra-wide saddle-9 inches across and 11 inches long together with
Geltech cover.

WANTED female bike Luton
May 21, 2007

Hi, does anybody has a bike for ladies you don’t use it anymore?

RECIEVED Garden Pergoda
May 18, 2007

Many thanks to Joel and Pam, just got to figure out how to put it back together now

re-offered-suite in keighley
May 18, 2007

could the gentleman who is currently sitting on his floor please get
back in touch.

OFFERED: Real Cloth Nappies, Kidlington
May 12, 2007

Bag of assorted nappy stuff from the 70’s when kids were tough and pampers were just a glint in somebody’s eye…..

Wanted: drinks container-Wantage
May 10, 2007

I am looking for a big tub or something to put ice
and drinks into to keep them cold. We are having a
party on 26th May and definately don’t have enough
fridge space. We would be happy to just borrow one.

Gem submitted by Emma & Pete

OFFERED – 2 kitchen wire items – MAIDENHEAD
May 10, 2007

I’m not 100% sure what they are

Offered: Large Canvas Sack WINDSOR
May 7, 2007

These are sturdy canvas sacks- like tough mailbags/tent sacks, with
locking mechanism. They are tough, if a little tatty. I suppose if you
were a burglar these would make good “swag” bag