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Is there an amphibian expert in the house?
March 9, 2008

OFFERED – frog or toad spawn

Hi, we have a big pile of some kind of spawn in our pond although I’m
not sure if it’s frogs or toads (It’s about 8mm in diameter if that
helps) that we don’t really want.


Lethal Japanese paper-folding prisoners
October 19, 2007

Wanted Origami instructions/materials I am doing some work in a prison chaplaincy with female prisoners and am planning on doing some origami with them. It is a great craft to do with them because it doesn’t require the use of banned items – scissors, glue etc.

I have a small booklet already but I wondered if anyone had any instructions for fairly simple origami projects that they might be able to offer me. Also, if anyone has some origami paper going spare it would be much appreciated.

Snails 2.0 : Still need a home (but not just any home)
October 16, 2007

Free to good homes,baby Giant African Land Snails(BD20) Hi there,
I have some 1 month old Giant African Land Snails,that I need to
I’m afraid i won’t be re-homing them to under 16’s.These animals need
a lot of care and attention and each person that re-homes them will be
given a care sheet with the information needed to care for them properly.
They can reach upto 4-6 inches in size so adequate space will be
needed for them as they grow,and it is possible for them to live upto
6-8 years.

We are sure these are related to this lot

Get them neutered (do they make ferret condoms?)
October 16, 2007

Rabbit hutch/ferret cage WANTED I am in need of a cage of some sort to house my ever populating
ferrets! anything considered, will collect anytime day or night. thanks

Enough coathangers for everybody!
October 16, 2007

Offered bin liner of coat hangers

I was freecycled some coat hanger last week and got more thanm i was
expecting, so have a bin liner full if anyone wants them, may split in
half if at least 2 people want them, as far too many for one person
unless they got lots of clothes and no hangers at present. I do not
have transport but you can collect anytime.

Come on, keep up!
July 30, 2007


Does anyone have a copy of this very old game?
Must be for gameboy not advance as I am not that up to date yet.

Offer – green hexagonal poison bottle – Datchet
July 22, 2007

Green bottle hexagonal in shape “NOT TO BE TAKEN” on side.

Collection Datchet

Offered – unopened tube of Rembrandt plus toothpaste – Datchet
June 15, 2007

This has never been opened but has an expiry date of 0107 but I
wouldn’t have thought it would matter with toothpaste.

Oral B Rembrandt plus extra whitening formula with low abrasion.

Collection Datchet.

WANTED – Tank to keep African Land Snails in
June 8, 2007

I am after a tank for 2 baby Giant African Land Snails, which I am
kindy being given by another freecycler.

[this one perhaps..?]

Offer: Various in South Ascot
June 8, 2007

Okay, this is the one and only chance to get these, otherwise they’re
in the bin!

1. Large bundle of New Zealand flax leaves (it ran rampant, so dad
dug it up, but the Maoris use it for weaving, so it might be of
interest to anyone who’s into natural weaving & dying).

[huge list of stuff edited out]

You’re welcome to all of this stuff if you want it, but please let me
know when you mean to collect, as sitting in the house all day
waiting for someone who then doesn’t turn up isn’t a huge amount of
fun! 🙂 Okay, I suppose I could read a book or something whilst I
wait, but don’t you just hate getting to the good bit when the
doorbell rings…? Times available – 11am-11pm.

OFFERED – Fish Tank Rocks – Holyport
May 31, 2007

My fish tank rocks! Yes i love it. But seriously, i have some large
rocks for a fish tank as i have just re designed my tank.

I got then from Freecycle and i am sure they will do someone a good
turn. They are quite large so you will need a good size tank to put
them in.

Never been in contact with diseased fish as far as i know.

Offer: Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves
May 27, 2007

Kirkland Powder Free Textured Latex Exam Gloves 2 unopened boxes of 100
each. Must Collect Today (Sunday or Monday)

Offered: Spectacles -WIndsor
May 25, 2007

I have got spectacles with a pretty blue metal frame, small rectangular
lenses. I don’t know what strength they are, because I found them, but
they are reading glasses.
If interested, you can come and have a look/try on first

wanted incubator holyhead area
May 21, 2007

working incubator wanted for my son, will pick up.

WANTED: Wooden Gate Post (Luton)
May 21, 2007

This is a most serious request, My collegue and I require a “Gate Post”, The reason for this is that we alway say “between you, me and the gate post”, Well, we can’t really say that with out a gate post in our office.

OFFERED :African Land Snails
May 19, 2007

My friend’s son bought 5 of these big snails, and now they have had about 250 babies!!! These are about the size of a small fingernail at the moment, but will grow to be huge!

They need a very large container to live in, with bark at the bottom, and live off egetables, etc., and need the normal care you would give any creature hich is dependant on you for it’s survival.

An interesting mollusc to share your home with! If you contact me initially, I will send you my friends phone no, as she is not yet an active Freecycler.

Wanted: container for pebbles-wantage
May 18, 2007

I am still looking for a container to store our pebble stones in. Does anyone have an old plastic or metal dustbin they don’t need? An old oil container would do nicely too.

wanted beaver scout uniforms please. can collect
May 18, 2007

I run a local Beaver scout colonie and have just had an influx of new
Beavers, If anyone has and old uniform please that i could pass on to
one of them that would be great.

OFFERED: Flashing Light for Trampoline
May 16, 2007

Flashing Lights for a trampoline.
Unused and with instructions.

Wooden rocking zebra
May 16, 2007

I’ve got a little wooden rocking zebra, about 2ft high, suitable for
toddlers or just as a decorative piece for the home. Very unusual
looking and distinctive! Needs a fair bit of TLC, the woolly mane and
tail are in need of re-woolling, the head is a little wobbly as the
screws have loosened since being tightened a year or so ago. The paint
is a little flaky in places too.

wanted drinks cylinder-windsor
May 16, 2007

we have just got a soda stream off free worked to start with
but now doesnt.we hope it just needs a new cylinder,so does any one out
there have one before we go abd buy least we can try to see if
it is just that before spending monet

OFFERED VHS Videos – Fawlty Towers & Blackadder – MAIDENHEAD
May 14, 2007

I have for offer the full sets of Fawlty Towers and Blackadder on VHS video – pre-recorded, none of that recorded-off-the-telly nonsense.
Not necessarily going to the first person to ask as this means those on the daily digest always miss out.
I’ll make my decision when I get in from work tomorrow evening.

Please state which series you are after when you reply.

For devilment, tell me your favourite episode or line from either of the shows and the ones that makes me smirk the most when I remember them gets the videos!

May 12, 2007

last posting got me nowhere – so are you out there my dumbells up to
4/5 kgs? Are you out there just awaiting for me to come and get you?
I promise you will be used – often and regularly. You will be much
appreciated and not left to lie all alone in cupboard somewhere
wondering why you were bought…..

May 12, 2007